Friday, 11 October 2013

Job Search for Freshers - Part II



1.      Newspaper Advertisements :
                                             Almost all standard newspapers have a Job Advertisement Suppliments at least once a week. For example, Sakal – Marathi Newspaper in Pune has Job Ads Suppliment on Tuesday, Times of India has it on Wednesday and so on. One should religiously read the supplement end to end and circle whatever Ads you find of interest to you. Then apply to all those positions and keep a record as mentioned in
 Part I .  Then follow up with concerned recruiters like mentioned in Part I.

2      Carry CV Hard Copies and soft copy loaded USB all the time
                                            Whenever you come across anyone of importance who may be able to help, talk to him/ her and handover your CV to them. Then keep their contact details also in your notebook and follow up with them like in Part I.