Friday, 11 October 2013

Job Search for Freshers - Part II



1.      Newspaper Advertisements :
                                             Almost all standard newspapers have a Job Advertisement Suppliments at least once a week. For example, Sakal – Marathi Newspaper in Pune has Job Ads Suppliment on Tuesday, Times of India has it on Wednesday and so on. One should religiously read the supplement end to end and circle whatever Ads you find of interest to you. Then apply to all those positions and keep a record as mentioned in
 Part I .  Then follow up with concerned recruiters like mentioned in Part I.

2      Carry CV Hard Copies and soft copy loaded USB all the time
                                            Whenever you come across anyone of importance who may be able to help, talk to him/ her and handover your CV to them. Then keep their contact details also in your notebook and follow up with them like in Part I. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013


            In last few years it has become very difficult for freshers to find suitable jobs. Based on my Industry HR experiences as well as Placement Consultancy Experiences, I am trying to give some guidelines to all the freshers irrespective of qualifications or likings  on how to do effective job search. Of course, there is still no guarantee for everyone to be accomodated by job market; but anyone who follows these guidelines can be very reasonably be expected to bag a good job in one to two months. 

                                              PART I – SEARCH ON JOB PORTALS

(a)     Proceed as under :-
(i)                 Register your CV on all the job portals known to you. Currently,, are popular with industries as well as with  placement recruiters.  
(ii)               On each of the portals enter keywords that identifies your skills, designation, job category and location and search. You will get list of vacancies available.  

(b)    Keep a register and patiently note details of jobs that are of interest to you along with name, email id and contact number of each recruiter mentioned in the job vacancy details.  Do this for all the Job Portals mentioned.

(c)    Write personalized emails to all recruiters singly, one by one. Do not use Job Portal links to apply.

(d)   After one day of application, ring up the recruiter one by one, wish them nicely and ask them if they have received your mail and CV. If not, resend.

(e)   Follow up with the recruiters on weekly basis about shortlisting, interview schedule etc.   

To be continued -------------------